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about us

We are RAAD

A straightforward and efficient skincare collection that embrace your own awesomeness.

We wanted to create natural, clear-cut skincare products with straightforward names that make it easy for you to follow a routine and help you feel good in your own skin, so you can feel great about being you.

That’s how RAAD For Men was born.

Confidence to feel good in your own skin.

Society pressures men to be an alpha, or the leader of the pack. While this is fitting for some, it isn’t right for most.

We believe that being a man is no more than being yourself. For us, there’s nothing wrong with being afraid of the dark, not having large muscles or showing emotion.

Being YOU makes you one of us. A RAAD MAN

Our Values


There are no “wannabes” over here. We are genuine and unique in our own way. We do not conform to any stereotypes.


We care about wellness, which means mind, body and spirit. We are real, honest, open, ethical and fair, and we hope this helps you stay true to yourself.


We want you to feel as good as we do! Our innovative products reflect that.
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